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My Mother’s Friend

Debra had come by to give condolences when she saw me packing up belongings at my mom’s house. I had grown up with her next door and always had a bit of a crush on her. I hadn’t expected anything to ever come of it. Especially not in my dead mother’s living room. Yet, that is exactly what happened.

She brought a plate with sandwiches over and set it on the coffee table. Seeing all of the boxes seemed to overwhelm her and she started crying. She’d been friends with my mother and it was hard for her to see her home without her. We hugged in our grief and I was reminded of the time she hugged me as a boy when my dog died. She’d made a sandwich for me then too. Now was different though. I was much more aware of her body, and now I was also much bigger than her. She noticed too.

Before I knew what was happening, we were kissing. Then undressing. Debra laid down on my mother’s upholstered couch and spread her legs waiting for me to put my cock into her. She wasn’t waiting long. We fucked with tears in our eyes and a strong sense of taboo in the air. I came inside of her mature pussy and she stroked my hair afterward as I put my head on her chest and played with her soft breasts. It was our only time together, but I think of it often.

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